Our Mission

The Nonprofit Resource Network enhances the effectiveness, efficiency and financial stability of community benefit organizations.

Our Focus

The Nonprofit Resource Network seeks to educate, connect, and support community benefit organizations in South Central PA.

Our History

In 2004, the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF) identified two needs among nonprofit leaders working in Lancaster County: 1) professional development opportunities; 2) greater access to information resources. These needs were confirmed by their subsequent research, commissioned through the Polk Lepson Research Group of York, PA.  As a result, the Lancaster County Community Foundation and Millersville University partnered to create the Nonprofit Resource Network which offers capacity building resources to community benefit organizations.

The Nonprofit Resource Network (NRN), a program of Millersville University, opened its doors on January 18, 2007 and continues to offer professional development, networking opportunities, and resources for individuals working in the nonprofit arena. Please see our 2009-2011 Strategic Plan for more information.

Our Current Participation

National research indicates that nonprofits will need to recruit 640,000 new senior managers by 2016 due to the retirement and the transition of leaders out of their current roles. Reflecting this growing need for trained professionals, the NRN has enrolled over 1,000 participants from 240 nonprofit organizations in 14 counties--all within the first three years of operation. Of those participants, 48% return for additional programming.

Our Volunteer Support

In addition to members of its Advisory Group, the NRN depends heavily on casts of dedicated, remarkable volunteers who continue to take us from "good to great:"