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The High Foundation

The High Foundation was founded in 1980 by the High Family and is committeed to meeting needs in Lancaster County.

Phone: Phone - 717-293-4498

Priorities: Education; Health and Human Services; Arts and Culture; Scholarships for children of High Company employees

Typical Gift Range: $500 - $50,000

Funding Deadlines: November 1

The Merrick Fund Foundation

The Merrick Foundation provides catastrophic and emergency medical care funding to central Pennysylvania rescues and shelters for adoptable animals.

Phone: Phone - 717-215-0674

Priorities: Medical care funding for animals in the care of a rescue or shelter

Typical Gift Range: $250-$3,000

Funding Deadlines: Ongoing

The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation For Children

The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children seeks to provide services for young people and training for adults who work for the betterment of youth.

Phone: Phone - 717-367-1121

Priorities: Scholarships for undergraduate education; Limited to children or other dependents of Pennsylvania Masonic Lodge Members.

Typical Gift Range: $500 - $2,500

Funding Deadlines: March 15

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The Nonprofit Resource Network (NRN) provides this short list of grant makers located in the South Central PA Region. Our purpose is to provide a quick glimpse of what you need to know before approaching these organizations for funding: 1) Funding Priorities; 2) Application Deadlines and 3) Typical Gift Range. Clicking on any one of our entries will take you directly to that grant maker’s website.


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