Project Management: Monitoring, Evaluating and Celebrating

How many events have you helped with that did not end well? Did you determine potential risk factors ahead of time? How did you acquire, develop and manage your team? What elements were missed due to a lack of debriefing or because you did not celebrate program results? This second session of the
Project Management Nonprofit Practicum, taught by Laura Burford, PMP, BSC, MA to pull all the details together.

Valued at $207/person, Module 2 of the Project Management Nonprofit Practicum comes to you for the following prices:

*<$250,000, then your cost is $90 and you save 57%

*$250,001 - $500,000, then your cost is $100 and you save 52%.

*$500,001 - $999,999, then your cost is $110 and you save 47%.

*$1M - $2,999,999, then your cost is $120 and you save 42%.

*$3M to $4,999,999, then your cost is $130 and you save 37%.

*$5 M >, then your cost is $140 and you save 32%.

If two people attend from your organization, the second person will receive a 25% discount on this module.

Registration fee includes:
1. Participant Handouts
2. Coffee, pastries and light snacks


By Credit Card: Pay online with Visa or Mastercard

By Check: Gengerate a Word Document Registration Form, complete and email to or fax to 717.871.2022.

*A special thank you the Dixon University Center (DUC) for offering free space for NRN programming in the Harrisburg. Without partners like the DUC, we would not be able to offer our classes at our current rates.

Learning Objectives
  • Complete the project plan
  • Determine risk factors and mitigating approaches
  • Determine communication techniquest
  • Develop a quality plan
  • Acquire, develop and manage the team of staff and volunteers
  • Create a status report
  • Determine the key information needed to track and manage progress
  • Manage the change process
  • Understand the importance of capturing lessons learned