Director of Finance MCC U.S.

The Director of Finance is the chief financial officer of MCC U.S., including the regions. The position will build the capacity of MCC U.S. Financial Services to provide accounting expertise, create financial systems and provide financial management needed by MCC U.S. In addition, the Director of Finance, in collaboration with the Director of Finance for MCC Canada (MCCC), provides financial leadership, expertise and support for the MCC Shared Program, which manages the international programs for MCC.

The Director of Finance reports directly to the MCC U.S. Executive Director, supervises the MCC U.S. Controller, who supervises the Financial Services staff of MCC U.S., and jointly with the Director of Finance of MCCC, supervises the Shared Program Accounting Manager. The position directs and supports the financial operation for multiple offices including the handling and reporting of all income and expenditures in accordance with proper authorizations and procedures, keeps staff and board members informed of the financial status of MCC U.S. including the interpretation of trends and information as required and furnishes financial data to offices for their own planning and operations.