Alumni Engagement Coordinator

The Alumni Engagement Coordinator will coordinate the alumni experience and support colleagues in strategic engagement of alumni. The Coordinator will collaborate with MCC national, provincial and regional teams to establish best practices, common goals and templates to increase the value of the alumni experience.

The Coordinator will strengthen alumni engagement to leverage alumni story-telling/potential ambassadorship for MCC, encourage future engagement of alumni with MCC and ensure interested alumni are known to MCC.

The Alumni Engagement Coordinator position is a new position for MCC, for calendar year 2020 and expected to be assessed for long-term viability early in 2021. Until that assessment, this position is a limited duration with full-time status and robust benefits package.

A key focus in the initial months of the assignment will be on Centennial alumni interactions related to reunion planning. As time permits the Coordinator will begin to focus on tasks beyond reunion support, and the role will focus more fully on the wider networking tasks of the role as Centennial events are concluded.

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