Rooted in the not-for-profit culture, networking has become organic to third sector business. Our efforts to market our services, raise more dollars and advocate for our cause has made it essential to success. California State University describes networking as "connecting with people of like interests for the purpose of uncovering opportunities, identifying landmines and learning of best practices." With today's increased competition and demands for transparency, the need to work together becomes even more critical.

But sychronizing schedules can take tremendous amounts of time and energy--two resources in limited supply. The Nonprofit Resource Network assists in filling the needed role of "networking coordinator," providing opportunities for formal and informal networking, for group and individual interactions. Click on the links below to learning more about our various networking opportunities.

Executive Engagements

For Chief Executive Officers and Executive Directors ONLY

Peer Growth Circles: Networks of Mutual Support



The directories below are designed to assist you in locating organizations and individuals that share similar and/or complementary skills and with whom you may share learnings from the field. We hope that through these interactions you will "uncover opportunities" and perhaps even "identify landmines."

Nonprofit Organizations Directory
This directory provides a comprehensive list of nonprofit agencies located throughout South Central PA. These organizations are set up to be sorted by type.
Local & Regional Grantmakers Directory
This directory consists of a short list of grant makers located in the South Central PA Region. Each entry provides a brief overview of what you need to know as you determine who may make your best funding partner.
Preferred Consultant Network
This directory provides acccess to prescreened consultants that you may need to continue building an effective nonprofit.