October 24, 2018

Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF) Grants

LOHF Grants
Based on a multitude of research, child and adolescent mental/behavioral health services exist, but the system is fragmented. Families are overwhelmed and confused, and providers lack the tools to refer families for therapy, counseling, and treatment. LOHF has built a grant-funding approach that invests in practical solutions that both make information on children's mental health more accessible as well as improve access to services in Lancaster County.

LOHF looks to support programs that are evidence-based, proven to work with some best practice, and seek to take these programs to scale, expand what works, and encourage applicants to replicate existing models from outside Lancaster County and within. They also encourage applicants to work collaboratively with partners to learn more about improving services for children and families to achieve mental well-being.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact LOHF staff to discuss the grant program before submitting an application.

Types of Grants:
- Care Coordination: Improve the delivery of children's behavioral healthcare services.

- Parent/Caregiver Education: Enhance the capacity of parents, families, and caregivers through trainings and support.

- Access to Providers: Improve capacity of providers to support and treat children.

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