The NRN can assist your organization in creating and conducting surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews depending on your organizational culture and needs

  • Surveys can be conducted in person (e.g. on the street) or online (e.g. using SurveyMonkey).
  • Interviews can be conducted by phone or face-to-face
  • Focus groups, of course, are all conducted face-to-face.

Hiriing an outside facilitator, like the NRN, to collect this information provides that third-party perspective, which frees up participants to respond honestly about the pros and the cons of an idea, program, needs.

Based in Millersville University, the NRN has ready access to faculty researchers who assist in critiquing the data collection tools (e.g. survey questions, focus group protocols and information releases). In addition, NRN's student workers, who are either graduate level or senior level learners, are well-trained to ask questions. And finally, NRN has access to SPSS, a data analysis software system that is designed to analyze data for the social sciences.

If you are a small organization with no means of tracking or analyzing the data that you collect, we can help you set up very simple systems with software you already own. We also have some ideas for software and resources for larger organizations who are looking to increase their ability to track and analyze data.

And finally, the NRN is the administrative arm of the region's Measuring Success Consortium, which gives us access to measurement experts across the region.

In addition to organizations that have contracted with NRN to conduct phone interviews as part of their strategic planning process, organizations that have accessed NRN's data collection services include:


  • Crispus Attucks Community Center
  • Lancaster Public Library
  • Lancaster Symphony Orchestra