The NRN conducts focus groups for multiple reasons. If your organization is conducting a community needs assessments, focus groups are perfect for listening to key stakeholders who will honestly give their opinion to a third party about the pros ands cons of a particular program or service. Focus groups can be used in market research to test the feasibility of new service, program or product that your organization is considering. A slightly different application of a focus group can be used to engage key stakeholders in implementing aspects of a strategic plan.

Focus groups area designed to gather in-depth information through open-ended dialogue--asopposed to the more concrete, close-ended format that occur through surveys. Focus groups are not the only way of collecting data, but they provide one of the most personal way of interacting with key stakeholders. The only methodology more personal is that of face-to-face interviews.

The NRN is uniquely situated to conduct focus groups. Our connection to Millersville University and its research-minded faculty coupled with our student workers allow us to provide this service in a relatively cost-effective, yet academically sound format.

To date, the organizations that have accessed our focus group service include:

  • Theatre for Transformation
  • YWCA Lancaster
  • Lancaster Symphony Orchestra
  • Lancaster Public Library