Based on the resource development needs of your organization, the selected services will vary, but all will include time to assess how your organization works and provide recommendations and assistance specific to your needs.

Examples of the fundraising training and/or services your may choose may include, but are not limited to:


Organizations that have accessed fundraising training in a customized format include:


  • Leave a Legacy York County
  • Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation


See below for more detailed descriptions of NRN services and contact Janeen Maxwell at 717.871.7178 or at for more information.


Are you effectively using volunteers in all aspects of your development program? Learn the various roles volunteers can plan that will increase the results of your fundraising efforts. Not only will you discuss where to find volunteers, how to recruit them and how to keep them involved, but you will identify the volunteers YOU ALREADY HAVE who may be tapped to bring new life and energy to your fundaising efforts.

Topics covered could include:

    • The Role of Volunteers in Fundraising
    • The Role of The Board in Fundraising
    • Identifying Volunteers
    • Keeping Volunteers Involved and Energized
    • Volunteer Orientation
    • Staff Support
    • Volunteer Education
    • Volunteer Recognition


Is your organizatioin stuck in the "special events" mode? Is your organization dependent on grants only as your only source of funding? Have you wondered why your development plans are not effectively implemented? In this training, you will discuss how a development plan can help ensure the success of your fundraising efforts, how to implement the plan by involving board, staff and othe fundraising volunteers and how to set plan for evaluation in place from the beginning. With the instructor's guidance, you will write your development plan in this session based on practices that work.

Topics covered could include:

    • How the Development Plan Fits into the Strategic Plan
    • Who Should be Involved in the Planning Planning Process?
    • The Process: Developing the Plan
    • The Product: The Plan Itself
    • Setting Goals, Objectives and Strategies
    • Keeping the Plan Alive
    • Evaluating Success


This workshop would be designed for members of senior management (e.g. CEO, CFO, COO), board leadership and other players identified as key to making a capital campaign a success.

Tasks to be accomplished could include:

An Organizational Audit: Who Are You and What Do You Do?

    • Topics: Organizational strengths and weakness related to program, board governance and staffing.
    • Tool: Campaign Readiness Audit: Part 1

Facilitities Audit: Where Do You Do It and Where Will You Do It?

    • Topics: Facilities and Finances
    • Tool: Campaign Readiness Audit: Part 2

Constituency Audit: Who Are Your Donors and How Are You Perceived by Them

    • Topics: Past Giving History, Donor Perceptions and Past Fundraising Techniques
    • Tool: Planning Study and Assessment of Donor Acceptance

The Plan: Where Do You Go Next?

    • Topic: Develop a Plan of Action
    • Tool: Timetable for Feasibiltiy Study, Construction, and Celebration