Executives, mid-level managers, program directors and supervisors of front-line staff find themselves in positions where they have few people to confide in. Pushed from the top and challenged by their staff, these individuals are at high-risk of burnout.

Does this sound familiar? Do YOU feel isolated in your decision-making? We believe that no one succeeds alone. Consider the possibilities that emerge when you interact with others in similar positions within a structured format:

  • All groups provide a safe, confidential environment where authentic conversations take place.
  • Members accomplish different outcomes, depending on individual needs.
  • Every meeting builds on each person's individual leadership skills through increased self-awareness, authentic expression and courage to take action on difficult issues.
  • Groups run at a substantial cost-saving due to sharing of similar but unique expertise.

How Does it Work?

  • Each circle consists of six (6) individuals who are matched primarily on position within the agency, staff size, agency budget and geographical location.
  • Each circle meets for nine (9) sessions which take place every six (6) weeks over the course of twelve (12) months.
  • Each session lasts approximately three (3) hours.
  • A trained facilitator ensures that the meetings are goal-oriented and driven by the current needs of the group.
  • Each group decides on its own ground rules, as well as the where and when of each meeting.
  • Efficiency is managed by the facilitator who keeps the agenda and time schedule on-track.


How to Join a Circle

The Nonprofit Resource Network (NRN) accepts applications for Peer Growth Circles on an ongoing basis so that the best possible match can be made within the county that you work. Because it can take between 6 and 12 months to make a suitable match, apply sooner rather than later to get your name in the mix.

Fees, based on a sliding scale, include the cost of hiring a facilitator, food for each meeting and materials. The NRN will not invoice you until a suitable match has been made.

Apply Today!

What Do Participants Say About Their Experience

  • “The group was a very good sounding board for some difficult issues for me and my organization. I was able to discuss issues that I could not discuss with anyone in my organization.”
  • “The group helped with many issues like personnel changes, board relations, etc, but the greatest value was in interacting with others.”

  • “I found that my issues were generally shared by others in my group and that solutions ARE grounded in the nonprofit culture.”
  • “The most valuable part of this experience was having peers to talk with—that simple.”