Sustainability Assessment: Community Benefit Organizations
Introducing NRN’s Sustainability Assessment for Community Benefit Organizations…

Climbing out of the economic slump has left many community benefit organizations with little vision for future programming or even a healthy existence. After walking alongside disillusioned organizations, the NRN brought its Preferred Consultant Network together to create a Sustainability Assessment. This 70-question survey, to be completed in conversation with agency leadership, is the first step that community benefit organizations can take to stabilize their footing. Once the survey is completed:

  • The NRN’s unmatched team of experts bring their shared expertise together to create a preliminary set of recommendations, which will be discussed in a 2-hour conversation with agency leadership.
  • Ultimately, the process will result in a recommended menu of services available through the NRN.
  • The organization may choose one or all of the services based on time and other resources.

The NRN believes assessment process itself will lead to a greater understanding of what it needs to be sustainable.

For more information, contact Janeen Maxwell, NRN Director at