Based on the technology needs of your organization, the selected training will vary, but all will include time to assess how your organization works and will provide recommendations and assistance specific to your needs.

Examples of technology training you may choose may include, but are not limited to:

See below for detailed descriptions of technology services and contact Janeen Maxwell at 717.871.7178 or at for more information.


Organizations that have accessed technology training through the NRN include:

  • Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation

How many times do you delete an email only because you recieve what seems like 4,000,000 emails from the same organization? Do you wonder how many people delete emails from you for the very same reason? How DO we best utilize the amazing online tools that we have today to our organization's best advantage? Through the Nonprofit Resource Network, you can bring an expert to your door to learn about the best practices for email making and winning strategies for gaining loyalty from your subscribers, not only for email marketing but also applications like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Information Technology Strategic Planning

Information Technology (IT) is a powerful enabler.  Information Technology (IT) permeates almost every aspect of a nonprofit, is expensive, long lived, has a systemic impact and is a critical factor in determining the success or failure of a nonprofit.   

Hardware, software, data, and related staffing and business processes  - IT - needs to be aligned with the mission, vision and goals of the organization; however, that is easier said than done.  Too often, there is a divide between business and technology people making it difficult to work efficiently and effectively towards the common goal of creating an IT Strategic plan.  Many times, if a plan is created at all, technical people develop it in isolation from the business people. The challenge is that an IT Strategic Plan needs to be part of any strategic thinking initiative and both business and technical people need to be involved

Such a plan provides an assessment of your current IT environment, compares it to your vision for the future, and then develops a roadmap so that you can achieve your vision. It answers questions such as “Is our technology providing the right level of service to the people served?”, “Do we have the right policies in place to manage IT?”, or “Are there some risks we have not thought about?” . 

During this training, you will learn skills necessary to undertake, or at least actively participate in an IT Strategic Planning initiative.  Concepts will include the IT strategic process; current environment assessments; setting a clear direction and implementing your vision; budgeting; IT governance; management, support and staffing; and more.

The first step to engaging in this process is learn more about it. The Nonprofit Resource Network can bring this understanding to your door--including some initial assessments, templates and tools that you can use.


Desktop computer and laptop training has pretty much leveled off. Though the bang for your buck has increased, older hardware is simply not able to keep up. ("Older" being defined as 2-3 years old!) Personal computers (PCs) are now 4-8 times fasters than their predecessors. So how can your agency keep up? First you need to know what you need today AND also what you will need tomorrow. Then you need to know how to effectively integrate your PC with the internet to stay current. If we come to you, we will show you the following:

    • Secure Remote Access to your Systems
    • Email Alerts when systems are down
    • Telephone over the Internet (VOIP)
    • Remote servers hosted at a secure data center
    • Disaster recovery systems