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ExtraGive Tech Talks

ExtraGive Tech Talks - Building capacity for Extraordinary Give and beyond

Trainings will offer tools, resources, and skill sets to enhance the impact of Extraordinary Give. Trainings will highlight best practices in nonprofit communication, fundraising strategies, donor engagement, and technology.

ExtraGive Tech Talk #1: Getting Ready for Extraordinary Give

Participants will prepare and plan for 2015 Extraordinary Give. The workshop will highlight best practices and successes from previous participating organizations. Participants will evaluate previous online fundraising efforts with a focus on building on momentum and messaging and putting the EXTRA in Extraordinary Give.

ExtraGive Tech Talk #2: Leveraging the Extraordinary World Wide Web

Participants will learn how to create a dynamic and effective web presence with tips on managing websites and keeping content fresh and relevant. The workshop will explore mobile opportunities, SEO (search engine optimization), comprehensive online marketing plans, and online fundraising tools.

ExtraGive Tech Talk #3: The Extraordinary Power of Social Media

Participants will learn effective social media marketing strategies. The workshop will help participants understand the dynamics of social media and viral marketing campaigns. Participants will explore current technology trends and best practices with a focus on how technology impacts community and donor engagement.

ExtraGive Tech Talk #4: Engaging Extraordinary Donors

The workshop will explore the importance of building year-round and meaningful relationships with donors. Participants will develop a Dynamic Donor Engagement Plan to thank donors, educate them about programs and issues, and encourage them to advocate, volunteer, and donate in the future.

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The NRN provids excellent open-enrollment workshop training for nonprofit organizations and employees. In addition, we offer customized training in the format that best meets the specific needs of your nonprofit organization.

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